Experience the Future of Aviation Training

Our advanced Mixed Reality training devices offer an unprecedented level of realism, transforming aviation training into a true-to-life experience.

Unleash Mixed Reality Immersive Training Experiences

In this new era of aviation training, our mixed reality technology is at the forefront of innovation. We bring more of the real world of aviation closer to our customers, blurring the lines between the virtual and the real world.

Through our cutting-edge replica aircraft and world class visual systems integration, aviators can step into a realm where the aircraft, its systems, and the training environment come to life in a highly immersive and realistic way. The fusion of virtual and accurate real elements in our devices creates an unparalleled training experience that bridges the gap between low-end devices and the cockpit.


Precision-Replicas for Immersive Simulation Solutions

PRECISION X Fixed-wing

Boeing F-15 Eagle
Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon
Boeing F-18 Hornet
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
Boeing T-6 Texan
Boeing T-7 Redhawk
Northrop Grumman T-38 Talon
Boeing T-45 Goshawk
Pilatus PC-12
Beechcraft King Air

PRECISION X Rotary-wing

Sikorsky UH-60 M Black Hawk
Boeing AH-64 E Apache
Bell AH-1Z Viper
Bell UH-1Y Venom
Bell 206, 407, 412, 429
MD 500e, 530F
Airbus H125, H145M, H160M, H225M

Experience the Realism with PRECISION X Motion

PRECISION X 6DOF & 3DOF Motion Platform offers unparalleled realism, allowing aircrew to train in a fully immersive environment.
Advanced motion technology and realistic cockpit controls, you'll feel like you're actually in the jet.

Command Your Own Experience with PRECISION X IOS, our Mobile Instructor-Operator Station

PRECISION X IOS, our mobile instructor operator station (IOS) provides a user-friendly interface and advanced features to enhance your training experience. Easily control the device and access training modules, track progress, and collect performance data while flying a mission.

See Better, Train Better with PRECISION X VISUALS

The Varjo XR-4 Focal TAA Edition offers the ultimate visual precision for advanced training use cases where operating physical instruments within mixed reality is mission critical.

Mobile, Deployable Mission Systems

PRECISION-X Devices are light, agile, mobile, and world-wide deployable.  Whether it’s an office, classroom, hanger, or forward operating location, our solutions are built to provide the same fully functional platform replica-like training in any environment.

Modular and Ready for Change

Our systems are designed for rapid upgrades with a modular approach.  Whether a BLOCK upgrade or custom aircraft configuration, we ensure our PRECISION-X platform will be current with your training needs

Highly Customizable to Mission Requirements

Designed for flexibility and maximum training realism, PRECISION-X devices are designed so that each switch or button can be assigned a function to mirror actual aircraft systems functionality. Our control loading systems provide pinpoint accurate feedback and “feel”.

Blazing a Path to Precision Flight Training with the PRECISION X Platform

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering as we continually push the boundaries of aviation simulation realism. Our dedicated team of experts is always at the forefront, designing and integrating the next-generation training devices. We embrace cutting-edge technology and innovation to ensure that we deliver the most realistic and immersive training experiences available. With a passion for perfection, we're paving the way for the future of aviation training.


Unveiling our latest addition, the PRECISION X APACHE. Get ready to experience the thrill of flying this legendary attack helicopter with unparalleled realism and precision.  Train as an attack crew or individual pilot or gunner and engage with confidence.


Introducing PRECISION X BLACK HAWK.  Our MH-60 Blackhawk multi-crew trainer, offers an immersive training platform for rotary-wing aircrews. Master the art of crew coordination and mission rehearsal with cutting-edge technology and realism.


Elevate your training with PRECISION X LIGHTNING. Our F-35 device. Immerse yourself in the world of this fifth-generation fighter, and prepare for missions with unmatched realism and advanced avionics.

Experience Mixed Reality Training Like Never Before

Unlock the potential of immersive training with PRECISION X from PFC Defense a Precision Flight Controls division.

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